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K9 Crew Beginnings - # 1 -  Rebecca just moved down to Sapphire Bay mid-summer with her mom.  She has a black lab named Jake.  Rebecca’s dad died two years prior in a car accident; her supposed friends stopped calling and started treating her weird causing her to stop relying on anyone but herself.  K9 Crew Beginnings tells the story of how the members of K9 Crew met and why they started their own club. Find out if Rebecca can learn to trust again, and discover what friendship is really about.  Available early summer 2004.

K9 Crew Something Familiar - # 2 -  Nina was the ping pong in her parent’s divorce and is now being bounced back to her father in Sapphire Bay .  She overhears her mom days before gaining a new step-dad and consequently shipped off to live with her father.   Hearing that her mom is excited to start her “real family” causes Nina to question whether her Papa feels the same way.  Nina just wants a home where she can live and feel secure and maybe even loved.  The girls in the K9 Crew accept her immediately and she becomes one of the crew.  In K9 Crew Something Familiar, will Nina find out that things are not often what they seem?      

K9 Crew Getting Reacquainted - # 3 -  Jane just moved home from boarding school the summer before sixth grade.  Her mom died in childbirth and her dad buried himself in his law practice instead of raising his daughter or dealing with his grief.  Jane wants to get to know her dad, but both feel awkward and like strangers to one another.  Living in the huge house on the hill, Jane feels isolated and alone.  She meets Rebecca, Beth and Rosa the summer she moves home.  The girls quickly become friends, but Jane yearns to know her father and feel loved.  In K9 Crew Getting Reacquainted, will Jane’s wish be fulfilled to become close to her dad Joe?       

K9 Crew Pitching In - # 4 - Rosa spends nearly every waking moment at her Uncle’s Veterinarian Office.  Over the last few years both Rosa and her Uncle Fernando have turned the once boarding kennel into a no-kill shelter for dogs that need adoption and renamed it Muttsville.  She too wants to become a Veterinarian.  Rosa loves feeling needed and forgets there is world outside of Muttsville.  When Jane, Rebecca and Beth go to Muttsville mere weeks before school starts, the four puppies form an instant connection.  Rosa finally finds friends that are not of the canine persuasion.  In K9 Crew Pitching In, will Rosa figure out that her family and friends need and want her around? 

K9 Crew Separate Ways - # 5 -  Beth is a wonderful athlete and her Siberian husky, Zeus is her faithful running partner.  Beth’s outspoken personality often gets her into trouble.  After listening to the constant bickering, Beth worries that her parents are splitting up because of her.  In K9 Crew Separate Ways , what will happen to the twins as their parent’s marriage starts to crumble?

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More adventures to come as the K9 Crew series continues...